what is cbg and what benefits does it have?

If you’re here after reading our other articles on cannabis anatomy, then you’ll be aware that there are hundreds of cannabinoids (plant chemicals) in the cannabis plant. If you weren’t aware, then you are now! CBD and THC are found in much larger amounts than other cannabinoids in most strains of Cannabis sativa. However, more and more strains are being cultivated to increase the amounts of certain minor cannabinoids for their medicinal and wellness potential. Amazing news! It is likely that over the next few years we will see a rise in wellness and medical products featuring these cannabinoids in higher amounts and aimed at different conditions. Some preliminary human studies have been undertaken and the initial finding so far are very promising for a whole host of issues.

One of the key cannabinoids to know about is CBG. CBG is the non-acid form of the mother cannabinoid, CBGA. It is not found in large amounts in many strains, but some high-CBG strains have been bred for extracting the CBG for its medicinal value (by reducing the enzymes that convert CBG into the other cannabinoids). CBG oil is starting to be sold as a health supplement alongside CBD oil in the US, Canada and the UK, although much less is known about it and how to dose it. The more that is known about CBG, the better it can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

CBG has been shown in animal models and in the Petri dish so far to have:

· Anti-tumour effects (some types of brain cancers, including glioblastoma in humans, and also breast cancers)

· Anti-inflammatory properties

· Antibacterial qualities

· Antifungal

· Pain-relieving

· Antidepressant

· Effective topically for treating psoriasis.

Like me, I’m sure you’re hopeful that studies will continuously reveal promising results for this cannabinoid. If CBG and other minor cannabinoids can work in synergy with CBD and even small doses of THC, wellness products can be created that will be extremely effective in treating a whole host of issues, transforming many people’s quality of life. To discover what other cannabinoids are of interest, take a look at our following articles.



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